Chicken Yoghurt Gravy

Living a bachelor’s life despite being married with a kid is the most painful part of my life. Yes, I had a kid few months back and I am working here at Dubai for a few months while my family is there at Kolkata. Anyway the “sad-sad” days will be over in a few days, lets not talk about it.

While living alone, I decided to cook myself. I mean why not? I will eat them, no-one else! So I started with simple things like Omelets, Potato fries, Daals etc. but anyone can make them. Then I tried Mutton curry and Chicken curry. Believe me, they were as disgusting as myself!

Last night, I tried chicken curry again and I thought lets try something I had never tried myself, Yoghurt. I have seen my wife doing this before. You wont believe it was awesome this time. I’ve finally got it!

Chicken Curry
Chicken Gravy ready to be eaten!

I had added more yoghurt than my wife used to do. I took a little risk and it added to the magic! It was just fantastic to taste! I have some more kept inside the fridge, let me make it hot and eat again. See ya…

Haven’t documented the recipe. I will tell you shortly.

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  1. Nice recipe! Love kolkata… Was there for a long time… Miss the food so badly

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I meant recipes 😁


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