Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup

Sometimes you need something special in the evening. Special does not mean anything expensive. A couple of Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup does the job quite well.

Fried rice & Alur dum

We usually had “Khichdi” in lunch every year on this day. Saraswati pujo is celebrated like a grand festival of winter here in our area. This year was no difference except the menu was changed. Fried rice and Alur dum (Potato dum, or a thick curry) instead of traditional “Khichdi.” I mean why not? It’s…

Alu Pakoda

Perfect companion for a rainy evening. Sliced potatoes dipped in gram flour mix with masala of your choice and deep fried. Served with tomato and chilli sauce and a cup of hot tea! Alu pakoda Tomato and chilli sauce Alu pakoda with hot Tea!

Egg Toast again

After so many days we have tried Egg toast again this evening. Breads and Eggs melting in mouth! Mmm… Love any foods!!!

Veg Fried Rice with Omelet

I take my lunch with me to Office. Well most of the time I do. Variety of foods prepared my my wife usually fits inside my lunchbox. Here is one of them. Veg Fried Rice prepared with multiple vegetables like Cauliflowers, Carrots, Potatoes and Capsicum. Not a very common combination but I had it well enough with a Omelet….

Fish Curry

Bengalis do love Fish! Machher jhol is something a Bengali cannot ignore, at home. My wife prepared me this Fish Curry when I was really missing this at Dubai. She added Ground nuts with this. I really loved it! If you can sort out those small bones yourself, enjoy!!

Butter Chicken, My Style

I think I am getting better with these cooking stuff everyday! I tried Butter Chicken a few days ago. I don’t know how it should look like, but the taste was awesome! I had used a little more Eggs with Corn starch to fry the Chickens. It locks the moisture of the Chicken inside. Amazing isn’t…

Chicken Yoghurt Gravy

Living a bachelor’s life despite being married with a kid is the most painful part of my life. Yes, I had a kid few months back and I am working here at Dubai for a few months while my family is there at Kolkata. Anyway the “sad-sad” days will be over in a few days,…

Quarter Chicken Biriyani

Feels so wonderful to be here after so many days! It’s been a while I shared something in this place. I will do, now. I am feeling so happy these days because I am going home after so many days! There is one more thing that added to my happiness, but lets talk about it…

Dhoka’r Dalna with Parathas

Dhoka, which is prepared using Matar (Peas) daal and Coconut grinded and mixed well before cooking them on a frying pan. My wife used nuts pasted as well, which then added some more taste to it. The best part is the making of the rectangular shapes when it is being cut. I love to do…