Another Chicken Biriyani

Another of my wife’s experiment. This time, it’s not slow cooked, “dum” biriyani anymore. It may sound odd for some peoples, but I don’t like Raita. It’s inside the photo though, they looks good together!

Quarter Chicken Biriyani

Feels so wonderful to be here after so many days! It’s been a while I shared something in this place. I will do, now. I am feeling so happy these days because I am going home after so many days! There is one more thing that added to my happiness, but lets talk about it…

A Simple Veg Pulao

“Veg Pulao” or “Veg Polao” (as used by us Bengalians) is one of the most favorite preparation for any special occasion. It replaces the traditional Boiled Rice as the time goes by. Originated from South east Asian region, this dish is very popular in Bengali kitchens. It can be prepared using “Ghee rice/Gobindo Bhog rice” (in bengali)…

Mutton Biryani

It was the perfect lunch on our Eid holiday. Prepared with Basmati rice including a lots of fragrances from Jafran/Saffron and of course Indian Mutton, garnished with a big fat Chicken egg 🙂

Mughlai Paratha

A surprise from my wife this evening! A mughlai dish containing thick parathas stuffed with chickens and eggs, served with potato masala and veg salad. It was delicious!!