Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup

Sometimes you need something special in the evening. Special does not mean anything expensive. A couple of Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup does the job quite well.

Alu Pakoda

Perfect companion for a rainy evening. Sliced potatoes dipped in gram flour mix with masala of your choice and deep fried. Served with tomato and chilli sauce and a cup of hot tea! Alu pakoda Tomato and chilli sauce Alu pakoda with hot Tea!

Another Chicken Biriyani

Another of my wife’s experiment. This time, it’s not slow cooked, “dum” biriyani anymore. It may sound odd for some peoples, but I don’t like Raita. It’s inside the photo though, they looks good together!

Butter Chicken, My Style

I think I am getting better with these cooking stuff everyday! I tried Butter Chicken a few days ago. I don’t know how it should look like, but the taste was awesome! I had used a little more Eggs with Corn starch to fry the Chickens. It locks the moisture of the Chicken inside. Amazing isn’t…

Chicken Yoghurt Gravy

Living a bachelor’s life despite being married with a kid is the most painful part of my life. Yes, I had a kid few months back and I am working here at Dubai for a few months while my family is there at Kolkata. Anyway the “sad-sad” days will be over in a few days,…

Alur Dum, a thick Potato Curry

“Alur Dum,” as we know it in Bengali, is actually originated from Kashmir. Many Kashmiri cuisines are equally popular in Bengal. “Alur Dum” or “Dum Alu” is one of them. Ask everyone in this region and you will never find anyone who doesn’t know what it is. Nothing so complicated about this dish as it…

Butter Chicken

One of my most favorite Chicken preparations. From the name you can guess what will be so special about this? Yes of course, Butter. It can be prepared completely with butter but you can use any other vegetable oil as well. While preparing the gravy, we have used Cashews and Sesame paste in it in…

Alu Paratha

A typical North Indian food widely popular in Kolkata homes and streets. Potatoe stuffings in ordinary parathas makes it delicious. Oh and throw some chaat masala all over for ultimate taste. Mostly taken with veg salad and sauce. I have used tomatoes and chilly sauce.