Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup

Sometimes you need something special in the evening. Special does not mean anything expensive. A couple of Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup does the job quite well.

Alu Pakoda

Perfect companion for a rainy evening. Sliced potatoes dipped in gram flour mix with masala of your choice and deep fried. Served with tomato and chilli sauce and a cup of hot tea! Alu pakoda Tomato and chilli sauce Alu pakoda with hot Tea!

Chicken Burger

Sesame Buns, Lettuce, sliced Tomatoes and Minced Chicken fried. Lot of Cheese inside. A fried Egg for bonus. Explosion inside mouth!

Egg Toast again

After so many days we have tried Egg toast again this evening. Breads and Eggs melting in mouth! Mmm… Love any foods!!!

Crunchy Bread Pakoda

I am back after a long long time. It was some busy days with my newborn superhero! Anyways following is the simple one to start the new year. Bread Pakoda is a very familiar fast food in our area. I used to enjoy this when with friends. One fine weekend morning, I decided to try it…

Crunchy Cauliflower

Crunchy Cauliflower or Kurkure Fulkopi (Fulkopi is what we call Cauliflower in bengali) is not very common food here. I still remember when I was a kid, we used to have Cauliflower and Potato curry, sometimes with Fish curry. I still remember, it was available only in winter. Now we can have it anytime in the year…