Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup

Sometimes you need something special in the evening. Special does not mean anything expensive. A couple of Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup does the job quite well.

South Indian food, after 3 years

The only time I had South Indian food was when I was staying in Dubai. I had a bad impression of it at the very first time. It was very sour. Second and third impression was also as bad. They use a lot of tamarind in foods like Idli, Dosa, Sambar etc. I heard it…

Alu Pakoda

Perfect companion for a rainy evening. Sliced potatoes dipped in gram flour mix with masala of your choice and deep fried. Served with tomato and chilli sauce and a cup of hot tea! Alu pakoda Tomato and chilli sauce Alu pakoda with hot Tea!

Chicken Burger

Sesame Buns, Lettuce, sliced Tomatoes and Minced Chicken fried. Lot of Cheese inside. A fried Egg for bonus. Explosion inside mouth!

Egg Toast again

After so many days we have tried Egg toast again this evening. Breads and Eggs melting in mouth! Mmm… Love any foods!!!

Crunchy Bread Pakoda

I am back after a long long time. It was some busy days with my newborn superhero! Anyways following is the simple one to start the new year. Bread Pakoda is a very familiar fast food in our area. IĀ used to enjoy this when with friends. One fine weekend morning, I decided to try it…

Egg Toast

It’s really challenging to find a single person in this region who doesn’t know what it is! Egg Toast or locally known as “Dim Pauruti” is something that you will definitely find in every single Tea Stall in this region. It is one of the most favorite breakfast in Kolkata. Such a simple recipe can…

Egg roll

It is one of my favorite street food from Kolkata and I really enjoy watching it to be prepared. First make round Parathas while making it add a raw egg mixed with onion, chilly on one side of it. It will paste the egg on the parathas. Then put some salads and sauce on it…