Cheese Noodles with Egg

Another quick one, when I am hungry and can’t afford to wait! The title explains all about it I guess.

Egg Mayonnaise Wrap

I don’t like Egg rolls from fast food shops very much. Instead my wife makes a few similar things for me at home. Homemade tastes better for me. This one is one of the many. Wrap is prepared using flour dough. This is simply a paratha with egg fried to it’s one side. Inside we…

Veg Fried Rice with Omelet

I take my lunch with me to Office. Well most of the time I do. Variety of foods prepared my my wife usually fits inside my lunchbox. Here is one of them. Veg Fried Rice prepared with multiple vegetables like Cauliflowers, Carrots, Potatoes and Capsicum. Not a very common combination but I had it well enough with a Omelet….