Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup

Sometimes you need something special in the evening. Special does not mean anything expensive. A couple of Singara (Samosa) and Tomato ketchup does the job quite well.

Egg Pasta

I’m not a huge fan of Pasta. But won’t say “no” when offered. This one I got last evening from my wife. Penne Pasta with  Egg and Cheese. Creamy, sweet and salty.

Dhoka’r Dalna with Parathas

Dhoka, which is prepared using Matar (Peas) daal and Coconut grinded and mixed well before cooking them on a frying pan. My wife used nuts pasted as well, which then added some more taste to it. The best part is the making of the rectangular shapes when it is being cut. I love to do…